To add product categories login, and navigate to Products > Categories.

A list of the current product categories is visible on the right side of the page. These can be edited or you can add a new category on the left.

When adding/editing a product:

  • Name – This is the name of the category visible on the front-end of the shop.
  • Slug – Generally this is best left as is, but it is used within the URL of the product category.
  • Parent category – Is the category you are adding is a sub-category, this is the category that it must fall under.
  • Description – Some shops will have a category description, if not just leave this blank.
  • Display type – If you have a shop with multi-level categories, select sub-categories to alllow viewing of sub-categories. Otherwise leave as default.
  • Thumbnail – The thumbnail image represented on the shop category pages.