Google provides statistics on app installs, uninstalls, upgrades, and dimensions for the reports on your app.

To access these reports login using your Google credentials via the Google Play Console here:

Once logged in, select the app you wish to access reports on and select Statistics from the side menu:

  • Then select a date range for the report on the top right, and if necessary a date range to compare the report to. (The comparison shows as dotted lines on the report)
  • Click the configure report button.
  • Under metrics  select two options to display on the vertical axis of the report. (Hover over the info. icon to view detail on each)
  • Under dimensions select a further filter option for the report. (eg. App versions)
  • Click done when ready to view the report.

Once the report has been generated:

  • Select which dimension you wish to display on the report using the check-boxes in list below the report.
  • Use the download bulk reports to get an Excel version of the report data.

Please note:
All statistics on these reports are delayed by 48 hours before they become available.