If you have not opted-in to the Beta testing:

  • Login via a browser on your PC or mobile to your Google account that has been associated with the Beta/Alpha testing.
  • Go to the web address provided to opt-in to the testing (Opt-in URL)


Once you have opted-in (Or have opted-in before) and wish to UPDATE or VIEW the app:

  • Open Google Play on your mobile device
  • Find the App in the “My Apps” menu (Or search for it)
  • Please note that you have to be logged in via the Google account associated with the testing in order to see the app
  • Click Update if not updated already (Or install if you uninstalled or do not have the app on your device)
  • You are now running the Beta version of the app
  • This app is only available to the Beta/Alpha testing group above and not to other users