The Hetzner KonsoleH control panel allows you to add email aliases for email accounts that need to be received by more than one person. They are also useful for common name misspellings/variations.

To do this:

  • Login to KonsoleH on: using your domain (without the www) and your FTP/KonsoleH  password
  • Go to “Mail” on the left hand menu
  • Under the “Mail” menu click “Manage Accounts”
  • Click “New Mailbox” green button on the right side
  • Add the Username which will also be your email address
  • A user note can be added here to provide information on the account (Not mandatory)
  • Add a secure password for your account
  • Add any forwarding accounts if necessary (Your email will be copied to these accounts)
  • Click “Add” or “Update” top right to save
  • It is recommended to send a test to the email account to check that it is working correctly

For help guides on how to setup your email accounts on all the major email clients, (Such as Outlook / Apple Mail etc.) please go here: