To access the catalogue manager, login to your Magento backend, and select Catalogue > Manage Products.

Here you can search for a product by typing the name in the “name” field, or add filter criteria to find the product you need.

To add a new product, click the Add Product button top right.

In the product edit/add screen, you will see the sections down the left which are associated with your product manager. The fields with a red asterisk are those that are compulsory fields.

  • General: This section contains the product name, descprition, SKU and status information. The SKU of the product and the URL key, should always be unique.
  • Prices: This area contains the simple prices as well asthe options around group pricing, and the tiered pricing. Tiered pricing gives options for quantity purchases.
  • Meta information: This is for search engine optimisation, and is for specific SEO requirements.
  • Images: Manage the images for the product, and select the image type. (Thumbnail, main, enlarged image)
  • Custom design: This is generally used by the designer/developer to change the layout of the page for this specific product. Best to leave this if you are unsure.
  • Inventory: This is where the stock is managed. If you are managing the stock manually via Magento, you can edit it here, otherwise leave the settings as “Use config” to ensure your stock management system manages the stock levels.
  • Categories: You can select the categories that your product belongs to in here. Multiple categories can be selected)
  • Related products: These are products that can be related to each other. (Similar products generally on the product detail page)
  • Up-sells: These are products that are generally “better” than the product they are purchasing, and are intended as an up-sell.
  • Product reviews: If you are using the Magento product review facility, they can be managed here.
  • Product tags: If tags are enabled in your website front-end, these can be managed here. (They are customer groupings of products)
  • Custom options / Additional information: These are fields that have been added to your website theme, for specific product information.
  • Associated products: These are similar products that have the same information as the base product.

Be sure to click Save on the top right before moving to the next one!