In the order management section you can see all the pending and completed orders that have come through your store, or have been manually created.

Navigate to this section by going to WooCommerce > Orders.

In the orders screen all the orders will be dsiaplyed:

  • New order: by selecting the “new order” button to the right of the order heading, you can create a new order. (See order detail section below for information on the order detail/new order page)
  • Filter Orders: Orders can be filtered at the top of the page by date, status, and customers. Select the filters you require, and then click the “Filter” button. Orders can also be searched using the free search textbox on the top right
  • Order Statuses: The order status is indicated to the left side of the order. Mouseover the status icon if you are unsure what it means.
  • Order detail: The remaining detail of the order is displayed in the order row, such as the order#, customer, number of items purchased, date of order and the amount spent and the payment method. Order statuses can also be changed here by clicking one of the icons on the far right side.
  • Bulk order actions: You can perform bulk actions on multiple orders by selecting multiple orders and then selecting the “bulk actions” dropdown.

To view an order click on the order# link or click the eye icon on the far right of the order row.

In the order detail page:

  • General details:  Here the order date, order status, or customer can be changed.
  • Billing/Shipping details: These can be changed in the first panel as well. (Please note that this does not change the customers address details, just the order address details. Customer address details are changed in the “Users” area)
  • Order actions: In the order actions panel on the right column, the order emails can be re-generated and sent to the customer. An order can also be moved to the trash here.
    Please note: An order needs to be marked as “completed” in order to resend emails.
  • Order Totals: In this area, you can set the shipping costs, and add a discount if necessary. The total can then be re-calculated.
  • Order items: In this panel, the items ordered will display. Additional products can also be added to the order here for customers requesting products over email/phone.
  • Downloadable product permissions: For customers purchasing downloadable products (Or products including a downloadable product), permission can be set here by searching for an appropriate downloadable product.
  • Order notes: Here notes (For the customer or private) can be added to the order.