Graphicmail provides the facility to schedule a newsletter based on a URL that is formatted for newsletter sending. Once you have created your newsletter, copy the newsletter URL (Something like: and follow the steps below:

To import into Graphicmail:

  • Log into Graphic Mail: with your username and password. (Please contact us if you don’t have these)
  • Now that you have logged in, click on “Newsletters” in the left hand sidebar.
  • Click on “Import from File”.
  • Under ”Import Email Newsletter” you need to select the “URL” radio button, as the newsletter will be imported from the site. (This will be something like: – please contact us if you don’t have this URL)
  • Under “Import to”, select the “Replace this newsletter” if you have already created a newsletter
  • If you want to create a new Newsletter, make sure the “A new newsletter” is selected and add the new Newsletters name in the available text box.
  • Now click on “Import”, and this will create/ or edit your newsletter.

Sending a test

  • Graphic Mail allows you to send a test to see that the newsletter was imported correctly
  • Click on “Sending” in the left hand sidebar.
  • Under “Regular Sends”, click on “Send a Test”.
  • In the “To” textbox enter the address you would like to send the test to.
  • The “From” email should always be the email you wish to send from. (Please be aware that for large mailing lists, you may receive a lot of return emails!)
  • The subject should be catchy and encourage opening of the newsletter.
  • Make sure that the correct newsletter is selected un the “Select Newsletter” dropdown.
  • In the “Preview Pane”, Graphic Mail will give you a preview of the email.
  • Click on “Send Test”, to send the test, please note these tests can take up to 5 minutes to be sent.

Scheduling your newsletter sends

  • Graphic Mail allows you to schedule sends.
  • To schedule a send, click on “Sending” in the left hand sidebar.
  • Click on “Autoresponders” under “Advanced Sending Options”.
  • Enter a name for the auto responder, this is a required field you can call this anything
  • Select the newsletter you want to auto send.
  • Select the mailing list you want the newsletter to go to.
  • Add the “from” email as the email you wish to send from.
  • Under “Send options and schedule” you can select all the relevant options. This includes when and how often you want to send out this emailer.
  • Click on “save” to ensure that this auto responder saves. If save is not clicked the mail will not send.